Understand consumers’ perceptions about your brand using our sentiment analysis.


Converse with your consumer on a one-to-one basis using our engagement console and help build the reputation of your brand.


Run your own social media campaigns using our campaign management feature and measure effectiveness.


Benchmark your brand vs your key competitors using our brand dashboard.

  • Measure your online buzz

    You can use the most comprehensive and intelligent online content tracking system to monitor the buzz of your brand.

  • Identify your brand influencers

    You can track all the conversations related to your brand and find the most influencing promoter or detractor of you brand.

  • Converse directly to your customers

    You can use the engagement console of Social Fellas to engage directly with your customer and solve their online queries.

  • Benchmark your competitors

    You can use the comparision dashboard of Social Fellas to compare the influence and engagement of your brand with your competitors.


Customer Channel addition

Besides the database of social networks, blogs, Social Fellas can track custom websites exclusively for you, on a regular basis. Based on the discussions and activities in these websites, an evaluation of the brand popularity can be done.

Insight generation through simplified reports

We leverage the data mining & analytical capabilities of our analysts, industry expertise & marketing know-how of our domain experts to generate insightful, meaningful summary reports from loads of information, posts and discussions. For instance, you can have a quantitative as well as qualitative analysis for the discussions of your brand—most talked about features, campaigns and those of your competitors.